Cleveland farmer’s market (Stella)

Today we went to the Cleveland farmer market.
This market is really very very good.
The first person we visited was Stella, Stella is the owner of Running Brook seeds.
Stella lives on a farm and produces all her seeds by organic practices.
She has free range hens and the eggs that they produceasre just amazing the yolks are so yellow and these eggs taste so much better than the one you buy in the supermarkets.
Stella has a vaerity of hens that produce eggs with a kind of greenish brown shell some have a brown shell and others have a blue shell these hens have free range of Stella’s gardens all day long and go and roost in the hen house at night.
Stella’s packages her eggs and the seeds and sells at the market are highly sort after and Stella is very happy to share her knowledge with everyone. She answers questions and helps find solutions to peoples problems in their garden.
This lady is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. I believe she is a positive asset to the farmer market.